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5-Year Refresher Training

Refresher Training

5-Year Refresher TrainingThe 5-year refresher training required by the DOT/FMCSA has been delayed and is currently not available. When the training does become available, which will be at no charge to the provider, all certified Medical Examiners will be contacted by the DOT by email with the refresher training instructions.

Medical Examiner Administrative Assistants (MEAAs) will also be notified by email when Medical Examiners linked to their accounts are eligible for the 5-year refresher training. MEAAs cannot take the training for the Medical Examiner and there are no training requirements for MEAAs.

For more information regarding the 5-year refresher training, please contact the DOT directly at (recommended) or by telephone at 617-494-3003.

As of May 2022, the 5-year refresher training has not been made available by the DOT. Certified Medical Examiners will be notified by email when the refresher training is available.

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