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5-Year Refresher Training

5 year refresher training

DOT/FMCSA 5 Year Refresher Training

Certified Medical Examiners are required by the FMCSA to complete refresher training 5 years after initial certification. However, in 2018 the FMCSA announced that the refresher training would be provided by the FMCSA to certified Medical Examiners directly, at no charge, but at the same time announced that the refresher training is not yet available. Now it’s 2020 and the FMCSA still does not have the refresher training available.

The FMCSA has advised that when the refresher training is available certified Medical Examiners will be notified by e-mail (so it’s important to make sure the certified Medical Examiner has a correct e-mail listing with the FMCSA). The training will cover mostly updates and new information and is not intended to cover previously reviewed material. Certified Medical Examiners will be given adequate notice and time to complete the refresher training.

For more information, Medical Examiners can contact the DOT/FMCSA directly at (recommended) or by telephone at 617-494-3003.

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