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A Better Training Program

Over the span of ten years, we have prepared over 20,000 providers to sit for the national NRCME exam. Our accredited content, delivered in video, audio, and text formats, now grants 14 CME credits, a significant expansion from the initial 8 we offered in 2013. We take great pride in the wealth of valuable insights we have gathered from various certification and regulatory comments and inquiries over the years, coming not only from our own trainees but also from office administrators and providers who underwent training elsewhere. This collective input has been instrumental in shaping the exceptional NRCME initial and recertification training program we present to you today.

Included in our program content is a course titled “Preparing for and Passing the National Certification Examination”, which is also included in our $99 Reference Materials (available to providers who completed another training program and want to be better prepared for the national exam.)

An excerpt from "Preparing for and Passing the National Certification Examination":

“It is crucial to understand that the FMCSA is expecting the Medical Examiner to act in the role of determining driver fitness for duty and that the decisions the Medical Examiner should make should consider that responsibility and perspective. During the test, you must answer the questions from the Medical Examiner's perspective first and foremost, not from the perspective of a treating clinician. Even so, some of the questions will be about clinical scenarios that may have little or only a passing reference to specific regulatory requirements or guidance recommendations. You will be asked what the next best step is for the Medical Examiner to take, or the most appropriate next action, and the answers will not always be what you think they should be if you were not given those specific choices.

It’s also important to use test-taking strategies. All of the questions are 4 choice multiple choice with a single answer. The computerized testing system will allow you to eliminate specific choices to narrow the correct answer from 4 to 3 to 2, and to flag questions that you are not sure about and want to return to. There are 120 questions on the test, 100 of which are for the examination and 20 of which are questions that the FMCSA is trying out as possible questions for future tests, but you will not know which are the actual test questions and which are the “pilot” questions. You must answer all 120 questions. You will have 2 hours to complete the test, so 1 minute per question. The strategy usually recommended for test taking is to move quickly through the test, marking questions to come back to, using the computerized system to eliminate incorrect choices, and giving yourself enough time after going through the entire test to go back to the questions you were not sure of.

The test is closed book – no study materials will be allowed. On arriving at the testing center you will remove everything from your pockets and will be allowed to bring nothing into the computer testing area – no cell phones, no pens or paper, nothing, and you will be wanded to make sure you have no such items. A passing score is 71%; at the conclusion of the exam, the exam will be immediately scored and you will receive your % correct.”

NRCME group training for clinics and hospitals: We offer special rates and features, see our Administrators page for more information.

Enroll in the NRCME Training Institute today or purchase our $99 NRCME Exam Reference Materials. Call us at (941) 600-8411 for more program information and for any current single provider enrollment discounts.

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10-Year Recertification Notice

Certified Medical Examiners on the National Registry are required to be recertified no sooner than 9 years and no later than 10 years from the date of issuance of their medical examiner certification credential. Recertification requires that providers complete an accredited training program such as ours and pass the in-person national NRCME certification examination.

Call (941) 600-8411 for a single-provider discount.