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NRCME Exam Reference Materials

NRCME Exam Reference Materials

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Medical providers who completed a different NRCME training online program and already have their training Certificate of Completion and are seeking a DOT study guide and exam practice questions to better prepare for the National Certification examination can purchase our program's proprietary NRCME Exam Reference Materials for $99. Once purchased, we will email you a link to download a zipped folder containing various PDF documents that can you can search and print.

Please note, there is no training certificate, classroom access, CME/contact hours, or refund for the NRCME Exam Reference Materials.

If you are seeking to become certified and you have not completed another program, please click here for our complete NRCME training program that includes these exam reference materials and a training Certificate of Completion.

Our NRCME Exam Reference Materials include:

  • Preparing for and Passing the National Certification Examination.pdf (contains over 120 questions and answers)
  • NRCME Question Bank.pdf (contains over 290 questions and answers)
  • NRCME Study and Reference Guide.pdf
  • 2022 Medical Examiner's Handbook DRAFT.pdf (this is the most current guidance document from the FMCSA and the current national examination questions should be based on these guidelines)
  • NRCME Training Institute training program pdf (a searchable document that provides the required training curriculum and related materials)

In addition to the exam reference materials, we are also including the following resources which may be useful in your practice:

  • The CMV Driver Examination.pdf
  • The Job of a Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver.pdf
  • Primary Care or Specialist Opinion Letter.pdf
  • 4 PDF editions of The NRCME Report newsletter.

Finally, the following documents are included for your convenience, and are also available free of charge from the FMCSA:

  • Medical Examination Report Form MCSA-5875.pdf
  • Medical Examiner's Certificate Form MCSA-5876.pdf
  • Insulin-Treated Diabetes Mellitus Assessment Form MCSA-5870
  • Vision Evaluation Report Form MCSA-5871
  • The Periodic 5-Year Refresher Training from the FMCSA
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