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2022 Steps to NRCME Certification

 Medical providers who completed a different training program and already have their Certificate of Completion but are seeking additional an NRCME study guide and sample questions to better prepare for the national certification examination can purchase our program's proprietary Additional Reference materials for $99 by clicking here.

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DOT Examiner Certification

Who is eligible to become a certified Medical Examiner?
The following medical titles are eligible to become certified Medical Examiners (ME): Doctor of Medicine (MD), Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO), Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN), Naturopathic Doctor (ND), Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS), Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) and Physician Assistant (PA) exceeds the core curriculum requirements established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Acupuncturist in Florida (LAc); Doctor of Physical Therapy in Arkansas, Louisiana and North Dakota (DPT); Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico (OMD/DOM); Physical Therapist (PT) in Arkansas, Louisiana, North Dakota and Texas; and Registered Nurse (RN) in Colorado are also eligible to become certified Medical Examiners. Verify eligibility by medical title and State.
Read Why Become Certified?

Where can I find live DOT classroom training?
There was a nationwide surge of providers rushing to become certified before the 2014 compliance date, affording many training companies to offer live classroom training across the country. Today there are not enough providers in one location to make it profitable for a training company to continue offering live training.

The NRCME Training Institute has trained over 14,000 providers nationwide to prepare them to sit for the national exam to become certified Medical Examiners. Enroll in our accredited program today to become certified.

What does it take to complete the NRCME Training Institute program?
Participants will read 11 courses and complete 11 quizzes in our self-paced online classroom, complete a 50 question Final Test at the end of the program to demonstrate mastery of the materials, which can be taken as often as necessary, and then print their personalized and dated Certificate of Completion, which is the document required to complete the online DOT account application and is the same document required to take the national certification examination in person. This program will take between 8-10 self-paced hours to complete, depending on prior knowledge and experience, and participants have unlimited 2-year access to the classroom to go over the material as often as necessary.

What is included in the NRCME Training Institute program?
Our updated training program includes 2 years of unlimited access to our online classroom, access to over 500 exam practice questions, a Pre-test Review, a Study and Reference Guide, the 2014 and 2017 Medical Examiner Handbooks from the DOT, and the Medical Examiner Report forms, all in PDF file format, available to download for offline review, searching, copying and printing once the base program has been completed. Enrolled providers receive 9 am - 9 pm EST 7/365 customer service and medical consultation support by email, telephone, or online chat. There are no printed books that accompany our program, allowing us to provide participants with a low-cost, high-quality training program. There are no videos in our program because there are too many examination scenarios to represent and searching a video for specific content is not possible.

When was this program's content last updated?
This training program has been updated to reflect all FMCSA regulatory changes. The most recent regulatory change from the FMCSA was in March 2022, which were the vision requirements. The previous regulatory changes from the FMCSA were in November 2018, which were the revised diabetes regulations.

Are there any discounts for providers or groups?
To enroll 2 or more providers at the same time at the group rate of $250 per provider, use the discount code 250grouprate during checkout.

For more information on group enrollments for office administrators, please see our Administrators page. Please call us at (941) 600-8411 for military or current single provider discounts.

Are there CME or contact hours awarded for completing this program?
Yes, this program is approved for up to 10 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™ or 10 ANCC contact hours. This program is accredited through the Postgraduate Institute for Medicine and you can read more about the CME credits offered for this program on our CME page.

Is the certification examination included in this program?
The DOT/FMCSA require that the Medical Examiner training program and the national certification examination be provided by separate organizations to avoid any conflict of interest. Testing Options: PSI or Prometric?

What does the national exam consist of, what is required for passing, and what if I don’t pass?
The national certification examination consists of 120 questions taken over 2 hours. A score of 71% is required to pass. Participants will receive instant notification of pass or fail. If failed, the examination may be re-taken in no less than 30 days. About the NRCME Exam.

How long is NRCME certification good for?
Certified Medical Examiners are certified for 10 years and must recertify in 10 years the same way they took the initial training and testing.

What will certified Medical Examiners be required to do after they are added to the National Registry?
As of May 21, 2014, certified Medical Examiners are required to electronically report driver medical examination information directly to the NRCME via their DOT account. This may be reported by the Medical Examiner, or by Administrative Assistants designated by the Medical Examiner. The management of all of these issues is accomplished by going to the DOT NRCME website and using the LOGIN button. After logging in, the Medical Examiner can then designate administrative assistants, report CMV driver exam results, and manage related information. 

How can an employer verify that a provider is a certified Medical Examiner (ME) with the FMCSA?
Anyone can visit the National Registry website and search for a Medical Examiner in the registry of certified Medical Examiners.

How often do drivers need examinations?
The 2 million plus nationwide commercial motor vehicle drivers are required by law to have a CDL examination once every 2 years, or more frequently depending on any medical conditions and prescribed medications.

What equipment is needed for a driver examination?
The minimum requirements for a CDL examination are Snellen vision, dipstick urinalysis, and a blood pressure cuff.

    Once certified, can providers perform Class B with passenger and bus endorsement driver examinations?
    DOT certified providers can perform any CDL examination, federal and state, unless there are state specific requirements for providers. You will have to confirm with the DMV in your state whether any such state specific requirements exist.

    Is it required to collect blood and urine during the examination? 
    No blood is required. A dipstick urinalysis is used to report specific gravity, glucose, blood, and protein levels.

    Is it required to screen for illegal drugs?
    No drug screening is required by federal law, but drivers will likely request a drug test to satisfy their employer or insurance company.
    For more information see the DOT Overview of Drug and Alcohol Rules.

    How do I create an account with the DOT?
    Effective 6/22/2018, all Medical Examiners listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (National Registry) must create an account with to access their National Registry account. If you do not already have a account, you must create a account to access to your National Registry account.

    How do I access FMCSA technical support?
    Medical providers and administrators needing FMCSA technical support can do so here:

    Where can I find DOT Medical Examiner forms and applications?
    You can download MCSA-5870, MCSA-5875, MCSA-5876, and MCSA-5895 forms directly from the FMCSA.

    How much do you charge for a CDL physical?
    The 2018 examination only average fee was $109 - this included required vision, hearing (whisper test), dipstick urinalysis, blood pressure, and pulse.

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