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Medical Examiner’s Administrative Assistant

Performing CDL Exams

Administrative Assistant Registration

A MEAA is a Medical Examiner’s Administrative Assistant and is the person responsible for uploading a Medical Examiner’s CDL examination results to the DOT. Many MEAAs upload the CDL examination results for several Medical Examiners. To become a MEAA, you must first register with the National Registry to receive a MEAA ID Number: Register to become a MEAA

For a Medical Examiner (ME) to designate a MEAA, the ME will need to have the MEAA’s ID number assigned to them by the National Registry. MEs may designate more than one MEAA and may disassociate a MEAA at any time. When the ME logs into their DOT account, they should choose the tab on the top tool bar titled “Manage Administrative Assistants.” To invite the MEAA, the ME should select the tab for “Add MEAA,” then enter the MEAA’s ID number, and select Submit. After submitting the request, a confirmation box will be displayed that contains the information about the MEAA. To confirm that the correct MEAA is being invited, the ME selects Submit. Once the MEAA accepts the invitation, the ME will see the MEAA listed in their National Registry account as a Current MEAA. Once accepted, the MEAA’s account is associated with the ME’s account and the MEAA is able to report results of examinations, view previously submitted results of examinations, report that no examinations have been performed during a month, and manage the ME’s contact and employer information.

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