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Periodic 5-Year Refresher Training Statement

Refresher Training

DOT FMCSA NRCME Periodic 5-Year Refresher Training Certified Medical Examiners (MEs) listed on the National Registry must complete periodic training every five (5) years under 49 CFR 390.111(a)(5)(i) to maintain their National Registry certification to conduct examinations of interstate CMV drivers. The periodic training will be provided by FMCSA and will only be available to certified ME’s through their National Registry account. However, due to unexpected delays, the training is still not available. FMCSA will notify MEs once the training becomes available, and will ensure that all MEs required to complete the training have ample time to do so. In addition, FMCSA will not take action against affected MEs for noncompliance with the regulations for not completing the training within the five-year timeframe.

If you have questions, please contact the National Registry at 202-366-4001 or

As of May 2022, the 5-year refresher training has not been made available by the DOT. Certified Medical Examiners will be notified by email when the refresher training is available from the DOT.

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