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The Dangers of Driving Commercial Vehicles With Electronic Cigarettes

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The Dangers of Driving Commercial Vehicles With Electronic CigarettesThe FMCSA is warning CDL operators who use electronic cigarettes about the serious injuries that can result from explosions and fires which can occur when charging the device battery.

 "The Federal Hazardous Materials Regulations and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations do not specifically address the potential safety risks posed by battery-powered portable electronic smoking devices," the FMCSA said in its advisory. "However, motor carriers and drivers should be cognizant ofthe risks associated with these devices and exercise good judgment and appropriate discretion in their possession, storage, and charging or use on, around, or while operating a CMV, and adhere to the smoking prohibitions on, near, or when loading and unloading a motor vehicle transporting hazardous materials in accordance with 49 CFR 177.834(c) and 397.13.”
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