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The Fast-track to Certification


Fast Track to NRCME Certification

As of March 1, 2022, the DOT/FMCSA have changed the certification process. Please see the section titled "How to Become Certified" on our home page for more information.

What is the fastest way to become a certified Medical Examiner? While no 2 medical providers, or their schedules, are alike, it is safe to say there is a way to become certified within 3 to 6 weeks, provided you follow our fast-track certification recommendations.

The process of becoming certified involves 3 entities: A training company, a testing company, and the Department of Transportation. The certification process requires that a medical provider eligible to become certified complete an accredited training program, such as ours, then apply for an account with the DOT, to then schedule, sit for, and pass the NRCME national exam.

As soon as you are enrolled in our program and have the time, read through each course as quickly as possible and take each course quiz (the quizzes are graded but not counted towards your final grade). Our NRCME training program is made up of 11 courses; 2 of these include the introduction and the Final Test and most providers can get through the required reading in the program within 8-10 hours. Once you complete all the courses and quizzes you will reach our Final Test, which must be passed and can be taken as often as necessary. Once you pass our Final Test you can instantly download and print your personalized and dated Certificate of Completion.

With your certificate in hand, apply for an account with the DOT/FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). The DOT, who will automatically issue you your 10-digit National Registry number (required to schedule your national exam), will take 1 to 3 weeks to verify your medical credentials (closer to 3 if there is a national holiday involved) and you will only know you have been verified once you can schedule the national exam. Wait at least 1 week after you have applied with the DOT and then attempt to schedule your exam online with either PSI or Prometric. You may be able to expedite the DOT verification process by contacting the DOT at 1 week after you have received your 10-digit registry number and respectfully request an update on your verification.

During the time you are waiting to be verified you can go back over our program’s required reading as often as necessary, and also read our additional reference materials, which are not required reading but highly recommended- especially considering you can only take the $79 national exam once every 30 days if you do not pass the first time.

Once you sit for and pass the national exam you must wait the 1 -3 weeks for the testing company to notify the DOT that you passed the exam and for the DOT to email you your final certificate and the green light to begin performing CDL examinations in all the states you are licensed to practice in. You may be able to expedite this process by contacting the DOT at 1 week after you passed the national exam and respectfully request an update on your final NRCME certification.

Read more about the national NRCME exam here: About the NRCME Exam

Click here to enroll in the NRCME Training Institute program to become a certified Medical Examiner or click here to purchase our proprietary Additional Reference study materials to help those providers who completed another program be better prepared to sit for the national NRCME exam.
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