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What forms do you use?


What forms do you use?The FMCSA creates and revises the forms that are required to be used for DOT medical examinations and is required to update the forms at least every 2 years, most importantly the Medical Examiner’s Report (MER) Form MCSA-5875. When new versions of the form are created, the FMCSA has indicated that Medical Examiners (MEs) may continue to use prior versions of the form until supplies are deleted.

In the not-too-distant past, printed copies of blank forms would be purchased by MEs, and some still use those. However, since all of the current FMCSA forms are available online and may be downloaded and printed, the easiest way to assure that you are using the most current versions is to access those at the FMCSA website.

Even though MEs may use older versions of the forms if the ME is simply using up a supply of printed forms, State Driver’s License Agencies (SDLAs) may reject any but the current forms. MEs that have dealt with SDLAs know that there is no winning the battle over what forms to use: unless the ME uses the most current versions of FMCSA forms, the risk of rejection by SDLAs is real.

Medical Examiners can download current DOT FMCSA NRCME Medical Examiner applications and forms here:

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