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Driver CDL Physical Examination Checklist

Commercial drivers seeking a commercial driver’s license physical examination must present the following on the day of their exam:

  1. Provide a list of all prescribed medications and the prescribing doctor’s name and contact information.
  2. Provide prescription information for eyeglasses or contact lenses.
  3. Provide prescription information for hearing aids.
  4. For diabetic drivers, provide the most recent Hemoglobin A1C test result and current blood sugar log.
  5. For drivers with high blood pressure, blood pressure readings must be below 140/90 on the day of their physical.
  6. For drivers with sleep apnea, bring 120 days of sleep data and a recent reading from their CPAP machine.
  7. For drivers with heart-related issues that include a pacemaker, stent, valve replacement, cardiac bypass surgery, open-heart surgery, or heart attacks, submit a letter from their cardiologist outlining their medical history with current medications and submit a recent ECHO cardiogram or stress test taken within the last 12 months.
  8. For drivers who have suffered a seizure, stroke, or any brain-related issues, submit a letter from their neurologist outlining their medical history and current medications and their use while driving a commercial vehicle.
  9. For drivers taking blood thinners, submit a recent blood level and clearance letter from their doctor.
  10. For drivers taking medications that cause sleepiness, submit a letter from their doctor regarding the medication and its use while driving a commercial vehicle.
  11. For drivers taking anxiety or ADHD medications, submit a letter from their doctor regarding the medications and their use while driving a commercial vehicle.
  12. For drivers who are missing a limb, submit a skilled performance evaluation and a letter from their doctor outlining any work restrictions.

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For more information regarding NRCME guidelines and regulations, please contact the DOT directly at (recommended) or by telephone at 617-494-3003.

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10-Year Recertification Notice

Certified Medical Examiners on the National Registry are required to be recertified no sooner than 9 years and no later than 10 years from the date of issuance of their medical examiner certification credential. Recertification requires that providers complete an accredited training program such as ours and pass the in-person national NRCME certification examination.

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