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NRCME Exam Study Guides

The NRCME Training Institute not only offers a comprehensive DOT training program that exceeds the curriculum requirements established by the FMCSA, but we also offer our updated proprietary Additional Reference materials for $99 to medical providers who completed a different training program and already have their Certificate of Completion and want to be better prepared for the exam. With the national exam costing $79 for each attempt, and the fact that you must wait 30 days to take the exam again if needed, it is especially important for providers to pass the NRCME exam the first time.

Our proprietary Additional Reference PDFs are all searchable, printable, and you can copy and paste the material as needed. Included in the Additional References is a study and reference guide, a pretest review, and a question bank. In addition to these materials, we have included a PDF of our base course, the latest draft version of the Medical Examiner Handbook, the forms necessary for driver examinations, and 4 editions of the NRCME Report, a newsletter discussing NRCME news, regulations, and opinion editorials. By purchasing these materials, providers will also have access to a certified Medical Examiner MD on staff who can answer content related questions, both during and after their training.

Be better prepared for the national NRCME exam with our Additional Reference materials and we wish you the best on your exam. Click here to purchase the Additional References.

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