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Scheduling the National Exam


Schedule the NRCME Exam

“I have my 10-digit National Registry number, so why can’t I schedule the national exam and where is my eligibility number?”

One of the more confusing aspects of becoming a certified Medical Examiner (ME) is the verification process. In accordance with the FMCSA NRCME Final Rule, the DOT must first verify a provider’s medical credentials before placing their newly assigned 10-digit National Registry number, also known as an eligibility number, into a database that the testing companies are linked to. It can take the DOT anywhere between one to three weeks to verify a provider’s credentials, depending on the time of year and the amount of providers needing to be verified at the same time. Providers will know that they have been verified when they can schedule the national exam online with either Prometric or PSI Testing.

If it has been more than three weeks since you applied for your National Registry number and cannot schedule the national exam, or more than three weeks since you passed the national exam and have not received your final certificate from the DOT, then contact the DOT directly at (recommended) or by telephone at (617) 494-3003.

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