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Is Becoming a Certified Medical Examiner Worth the Investment?

You might be wondering if it's worth investing money into training and testing to get certified to conduct CDL physicals. With over 3 million truck drivers in the United States who need a CDL physical at least every two years, there's definitely a demand for these services. Some drivers even need exams more frequently depending on their health. The average cost for a CDL examination can range anywhere between $100 to $300, and it's usually an out-of-pocket expense since insurance typically doesn't cover it.

With training and testing coming in at under $400, it's not too hard to make back your initial investment in obtaining a medical examiner certification. Offering this service to your current patients can be convenient for them too, as those that drive trucks won't have to see another provider for the exam. Plus, if you market CDL physicals to local trucking companies, you could tap into an extra source of revenue. Some go the extra mile by providing convenient mobile CDL examination services as well.

Of course, there are some administrative tasks to keep in mind to comply with FMCSA regulations. You'll need to complete Form MCSA-5875, the Medical Examination Report Form, for each exam you perform. Medical examiners or their designees (Medical Examiner’s Administrative Assistant) must access the national registry to electronically submit examination results for each driver and keep a copy of the certificate for at least three years.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your professional skills and services. By enrolling in our training program, you'll be well-equipped to pass the national certification exam to conduct CDL physicals, offering added convenience to your patients and tapping into a high-demand market.

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